Okay well i bought the laptop about 5 days ago and its excellent but on every computer at first it runs fast then it runs slow …when you restore a computer it runs so fast and then slows down again which is my problem.. okay well before you guys give suggestion i ALWAYS do a disk cleanup everyday and a degrag once a week and i tried CCleaner ..works like sh*** and ive bought Summit Soft System Tech Vista which gets rid of a lotta crap but still whats wrong with my intenet why does it slow down after about a week and i have Optimum Online with a Linsys Wirelss N Router. is their any secret files that i can clean in the Registry and their barely any programs on here so its very very cleaned out and its a 200GB hard drive and 3 gigs of ram runs smooth but i need help with the internet problem ..please give me some tips and trick thanks i appreciate it !! : )
And i have IE, and ive tries Safari fast but sucks cause doesnt work with java, tired firefox does the same thing as IE and ive tried Opera …they all dont work

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