I have an older Dell Latitude & I have been having a lot of problems with it. I have WipeDrive v5, but I’m worried if I run this I will lose Windows XP. I can’t find my Windows software either. I don’t understand how these programs work, but I’m tired of my computer running slow, having network problems, etc. I’ve upgraded the memory, and there’s more than plenty available for processes. I have to use a wireless card, which is new, and I know my router/signal is fine, because my other laptop works fine. Also, there’s 2 diagonal lines of keys on my keyboard that don’t type the letters & my mouse likes to go up to the corner of the screen & when I try to move it back down, it takes off away from me again. I need some computer advice, please! I don’t have money to take it for repairs, but I don’t want to make it any worse.

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