It takes me where you type a user name; But right after I click on it, it takes right to the same place (the user name). This happens right after i was trying to get rid of some viruses.

I clean up the registry and run anti-virus program to get rid of the virus, but now, i have this problem. Probably is a boot file that is missing, but do do i know which it is?

And then, how do i log in and install it – It wont let me log in.

Ok, so here is my problem. I was on myspace looking at a music artists’ photos, when all of a sudden, my anti virus program (Avast) pops up and tells me a whole bunch of viruses are invading my computer. After this occurrence, my internet has been really messed up.

So over the past 5 days or so, I have been virus scanning my entire computer about 10 times, and my anti virus cannot find any more viruses. I have also done anti-spyware scans and I have eliminated a bunch of spyware, too.

When I say my internet has been really messed up, I mean this: My anti virus’ script blocker and all of the other blockers are on their highest settings along with Firefox’s pop-up blocker, and I still get pop-ups, something I have almost never gotten before.

Besides this, when I try to visit websites, my Firefox error console gets riddled with error messages telling me it doesn’t recognize or can’t read a certain part of a website and it says "Declaration dropped."

Also, when I tried to install a registry clean up software, I got a message saying it wasn’t a valid Win32 application or something of that sort. I eventually got one installed, but my internet hasn’t shown any signs of improving.

By the way, when I typed in Firefox’s website to try to re-install it, the website wouldn’t load. It just wouldn’t. Also, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer aren’t any faster.

My computer can still play video games and do almost everything else that doesn’t include the internet just fine, but my internet is just so messed up.

Can someone please help me? My computer internet has never acted this way.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

I’ve tried everything, and they all say that i need to pay money, and that they can only repair 20 items. My computer is running slower than ever now that i have so many errors on it. I have AVG anti virus and AVG anti spyware, so i know i don’t have any viruses or anything like that. I did have a Trojan Horse virus but i wiped it with AVG. But i think it may have caused plenty errors on my PC, plus a lot of other things that i’ve unknowingly did. Can somebody please help me get my PC up and running good. THANKS

I’v had Win XP-Home edition on my PC for a long time without problems but I need help figuring this issue out :
There are 5 different logon user-accts within my household and as of this morning, 2 of them will not keep the personal settings. Both still have their desktop shortcuts but the background display & screensaver settings are gone and when I reset/apply them….. no changes occur. Their start-up button is cleared out as well. I tried to right-click the programs to pin them back onto the menu but it’s ignored. Also, when I double-click Internet Explorer to go online; it opens as if they are logging on for the first time asking for IE settings, etc… doesn’t go to their previously set homepages. Only from those 2 accounts though….the other 3 are okay. (I can still change the display, logon to IE and the homepages are still intact.) I have run every anti-virus; registry cleaner; ad-ware/mal-ware/spyware that I have. They detect nothing! Any ideas for me?Thanks!
Well, after all day of trying to find a solution; it seems as though I will have to delete & reset those user accounts. I have already backed-up their files and such to an external HD. Another question…is there a way to save their IE favorites so that they don’t have to "start from scratch" after logging onto the internet from the new XP accts?
Thanks everyone for the help!

I run a windows XP (SP2) desktop, it is about 2 years old.

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz

So instead of reinstalling my windows, I used repair which just restores the system. After repair, my pc runs very fast, but after using it for a few days, it starts gradually slowing down until it reaches a point where even typing or moving my mouse is laggy. However, this only happens when im multitasking on my windows. If i end all the big processes (antivirus, downloading programs, MSN, etc.), then my computer runs normal again. Another thing i’d like to mention is when im watching a youtube video and I try to open a program, it lags insanely bad for a short amount of time. When I watch a video, even if its loaded, it still lags. I do not use my PC 24/7 but sometimes I leave it on, for downloads. My CPU usage is not necessarily high when my computer is lagging so its probably not a RAM problem. I also have over 50% of free disk space on all local disks.

My PC does not have any viruses, I use Rogers Online Protection, and i am not experiencing any other difficulties except for multitasking slowdown. I’ve tried many things already, I’ve tried to cancel windows updates, stop using anti-virus, I’ve checked all my running processes (searched them on internet) and they were fine, I’ve recorded all the running processes of when my pc was slow and i’ve checked them after repairing my windows. None of these solutions worked. Is this happening to anybody else? Is my PC too old? Could it be a hidden virus? Should I stop downloading and see what happens? Is this a case of software or hardware?

I don’t want to use my computer without being able to download and use the internet at the same time, or cancel antivirus. And I don’t want to repair it every few weeks/days. I am not a pro at these kind of things, so plzz help!