I would like to know if anyone has used the soft ware, Finally fast, to repair their computer,To make it faster? My computer is so slow. Dial up is faster and I have Comcast high speed.Does anyone know for sure what works?

I have comcast high speed internet, and I’m using a ethernet cord. I’m a Linux person, but I’ve been needing to get windows XP working, so I have this computer with XP on it, fresh install, I need to find out how to get the internet working on it. I’ve been staring at the New Connection Wizard for 30 minutes now, fiddling with everything, how do I get this to work?

Comcast Internet, Ethernet cord going to a Router, router to the modem. Why can’t I get a wired connection?

I used a thumb drive and installed Malwarebytes onto my laptop and it removed the Antivirus 2009. Now I can surf the web, get windows updates and things I couldnt do before. But, when I go to get Mcafee from comcast something blocks the page from being viewed. How can I get around this to access virus protection?