I somehow have 13.67GB of memory that is almost gone and I don’t know where it went. I need to free up space…but not by deleting system32! I have had some people tell me that system32 is vital but others say that it is crap.
Disk cleanup did not do much and I don’t even have enough space to defragment.

just want to get rid of all the crap cloging my computer up and do some registry and error repair. anything that will do it good and if you want, would be nice to know how good it works and if you have used the recomendation. i run a windows xp thinkpad. thanks.

If I do a search on Yahoo and click on the link it redirects me to some crap. How can I get rid of this? What is the BEST software for dealing with this type of nuisance?

I use:
Ad Adware SE Personal
Spybot Search and Destroy
Spyware Blaster

And to clean my registries:

What do you use and what do you think are the best?

In the past I have tried AntiVir, MacAffe and Norton and did not like too much also AVG which is crap

So my Pc has both virus and spyware, i’ve tryed every single imaginable program.AVG,McAffe, Ad-Aware,Registry cleaner and so on. So i just tough if their was a program that could clean my hard drive and only leave the windows operating system. If you any i would really appriciate if you would help me.I’ve gotten rid of the virus but now i got spyware which is very well known, DriveCleaner,Ultimate Cleaner and another bucnh of crap. thx for your help. Email me to rayquaza2007@yahoo.com. and thx again.