i have a compaq pc
i have a compaq pc, not dell sorry…

Is there a way to either upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 to windows xp using the windows xp reinstallation dell disk, OR do a clean install of windows xp using the reinstallation disk. If there is ANY way possible please answer. Thanx in advanced


I have a dell xps630i and I haven’t had any trouble out of it at all. Until I installed a RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter.

I’ve had several years of experience with computer repair and upgrading and I’m 100% positive my putting it in didn’t break anything…

Now my operating system wont load. When I go to boot it , it tells me "Windows failed to start, a new software or hardware change could be the problem". When I run a diagnostic test on it , it gives me error number 0F00:021B saying something about a flaw in media or error in recorded data.

My computer has been acting a little funny about a day or two before this actually came up.

What should I do?

I need to wipe it clean and use the disks that came with it to reset it. It is a dell and I have already done all of the file backups that need to be done. How do I make it "back to factory" without taking it to a computer person? Please help my infected and slow computer.

I have dell insipiron 1545 laptop wid windows vista home edition, its not starting, I have installed partion magic software for making my only c drive to partition then when i tried to partition its not partitioned so i tried to remove the software in the control panel and after that it suddenly says ur system has incurred a problem & now when i am starting it says windows error recovery wid 2 options – Launch startup repair(recommended) & start windows normally when i click start windows normally its not starting and when i click Launch startup repair(recommended) then its saying select o.s. to repair and no o.s. is showing in the system recovery options so i clicked load drivers where it says "insert the installation media for the device & click ok to select the drivers" when i click ok then all drivers folders is showing emtpty not matching the setup information, I dont knw how to fix this Could u help me how to start my os and get back my previous data or how to start it in safe mode. Any solutions. plz help me guys.

Can anyone help me how to start my dell insipiron 1545 laptop in safe mode or in command prompt? Is there any way to solve it Please help