Sorry guys, details will be a bit sketchy on this one, since this isn’t my computer, and my friend knows very little technical stuff about the one I’m trying to fix for them. Basically what I’m working with is that it is a Dell Inspiron 3600 desktop (Im assuming about 512 MB of memory, 1 G if we are lucky). It was shut down incorrectly and now is not able to get past the blue screen, even on safe mode and last known good config, all options fail and hit the blue screen. The only errors I can bring up are multiple 0X00000000, which, as far as I’ve ever worked with means the BIOS and CMOS is completely screwed… Now the interesting part, no new hardware or software, just shut down badly. I ran the Dell diagnostic disk and got the following, which I can’t apply a resolution for:
Block 26639166

Block 26639166
Any ideas for how to bring windows back up, (they have files they didn’t back up anywhere else that they need, so wiping the hard drive isn’t an option). Also no XP disk is available.

What I did to fix the issue is create a new profile and move my programs and files to the new profile. Everything seems to work but the problem is my computer is now very slow epesially when I am online. In IE7 when I click a link, it pauses for about 6-8 seconds before it even starts thinking. I tried re-installing IE7 but no improvement. I am not sure what to try next but I am considering doing a full backup of files and reinstalling windows completely. Will this even help?? Am I just screwed?? Is there an easier fix that I am overlooking?? I am running a Dell inspiron 1505 laptop with Windows XP an a Centrino Duo processor. 1 gig ram. Any insites would be appreciated. I looked into a registry cleaner but I would hate to spend the and find out that it did nothing to help me.

I have a dell inspiron 1520 laptop its about 2 yrs old now when it boots up i get an error sayin windows failed to start due to a recent hardware or software problem and i get the option of lauch startup repair or start windows normally when I start it normally the screen blinks blue then it goes black and reboots

I have a 2005 Dell Inspiron laptop. It came with the Windows XP operating system cd and another cd that says Drivers and Utilities, for reinstalling Dell Inspiron and XPS system software, contents: Device drivers & Diagnostics and utilities, part number Y2986. If I ever have to replace my hard drive I already know how to reload the operating system cd, but will this Drivers and Utilities cd reload all the factory drivers for me? Are the drivers already physically on this cd or does it connect me to the Dell web site to get the drivers for me automatically? Or will I still have to go to the Dell support web site and download the drivers one at a time like I did once before on another computer?