I need to do more than just disk cleanup and defrag, but I don’t want to reformat if I can help it.

Okay well i bought the laptop about 5 days ago and its excellent but on every computer at first it runs fast then it runs slow …when you restore a computer it runs so fast and then slows down again which is my problem.. okay well before you guys give suggestion i ALWAYS do a disk cleanup everyday and a degrag once a week and i tried CCleaner ..works like sh*** and ive bought Summit Soft System Tech Vista which gets rid of a lotta crap but still whats wrong with my intenet why does it slow down after about a week and i have Optimum Online with a Linsys Wirelss N Router. is their any secret files that i can clean in the Registry and their barely any programs on here so its very very cleaned out and its a 200GB hard drive and 3 gigs of ram runs smooth but i need help with the internet problem ..please give me some tips and trick thanks i appreciate it !! : )
And i have IE, and ive tries Safari fast but sucks cause doesnt work with java, tired firefox does the same thing as IE and ive tried Opera …they all dont work

So, I’m trying to clean up every non-essential program from my computer to free up space. When I open my hard drive through "My Computer", my Windows file is using over 35 gigs of space. When I open the actual Windows folder and combine all the files (including Hidden), they total around 4 gigs of space, which I think isn’t too far off the normal mark. So it would seem that Windows XP is just stealing squirreling away about 30 gigs of needed disc space.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

– Removing all alloted space for Recycle Bin
– Completely turning off System Restore options
– Running CCleaner, Wise Disk/Registry Cleaner, and the regular old Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter.
– Clearing out all cookies, temp folders, and logs.

I’m not sure how to thank those who answer, so I’ll do it ahead of time. THANK YOU… if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Ok, thanks guys for responding. I’ll try your suggestions. Just to be clear, I’m opening My Computer, then clicking once on my hard drive. It tells me I have 45 gigs of used space, when I then open my hard drive, I right click on the Windows folder, then click Properties. The folder properties display tells me 35 gigs are being used. When I then open the Windows folder and select all the contents, they only total to about 4 gigs.

I usually go in and delete the browsing history, do a disk cleanup and disk defragmenter from time to time, but what exactly is CC Cleaner for? Isn’t the same thing?

Ive had my laptop for about 5 years now. I dont no exactly what type it is but the brand is toshiba and it runs windows xp. I have done every type of scan and registry clean, disk cleanup, and defragmented. is there anything else i could do to speed it up more because it is still running farely slow or do you think i should just get a new laptop?