I get the following error when I am connected to the internet and after this is seen the connection goes off and if I double click the network connections icon it pops up and disappears. I can neither disconnect or reconnect. This also stops some other services related to the network in the server. Have tried all anti viruses and anti-spywares with no effect. Tried re-formattting and reloading but it doesnt work. I have handcrafted software’s free proxy running on the server. can anyone help pls?
The error is something like ‘ Faulting application svchost.exe and faulting module is netapi32.dll

I have already downloaded and installed a newer version of advpack.dll and a software program called regcure but nothing has worked so far. Please help me.

My computer has been having all kinds of problems. I keep getting error after error. The latest error is japdll.dll. I could really use some advice on getting rid of the errors once and for all. Removing them one at a time is a killer.

Each time i try to download some software to scan my computer this message comes up just as im installing it. "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WSOCK32.DLL IS NOT A VALID WINDOWS IMAGE, PLEASE CHECK THIS AGAINST YOUR INSTALATION DISKETTE."
My computer is also running awfly sllooow. I would really appreciate some help. Its XP

I recently updated my itunes to 9.0 and while it was installing an error poped up and said itunes can’t not function due to missing icuin36.dll. I tried to uninstalling the itunes software and reinstalling it but nothing works. Now everytime I start up my computer the error keeps popping up. Please help.