I have a Windows ME desktop from which I am trying to transfer data to an XP laptop. What I have tried so far:

Computer has a D-link Airplus DWL-G520 rev. B wireless adapter but it will not connect to my wireless network. Ran some troubleshooting software and searched on D-link website for help but to no avail.

A CD burner was physically installed into one of the available slots but the computer does not have software for burning. I tried downloading BurnAware, a free software program, but when trying to install it I get the error message "_regdll has caused an error in NMSDVDXU.DLL. _regdll will now close." and it will not install. I tried running a registry cleaner but it did not help.

Computer has no USB ports.

Is there some kind of cable I can use to directly connect this desktop computer to my new laptop and directly transfer data? Where can I buy one? The ME computer seems to have quite a few errors on it so hopefully there is no involved software installation which might not work.

Thank you very much, I appreciate any input!!

I wanted to boot my pc but when the windows loader (horizontal scroll bar thing) starts i loads for 1 second and then it shows a blue screen with errors. I can’t see what is written on the error message because it only shows up for less than a half a second and then the pc reboots.
I tried using repair but it will not load either. The pc doesn’t do anything when a highlight that option and press enter.

I have not recently installed software or hardware. I did a few days ago unistall some programs but they were not windows programs. Just adobe software. But when i had uninstalled those i rebooted a few times and everything worked normally.

Please help ….
I don’t have a widows vista cd because the pc came preinstalled with vista. I rather not install a new os or format the drive because there are important files (and programs) on it.
Please could you tell me exactly the steps because i am not really a hard ware guy.
I’ve been able to make a picture of the bsod.

Update (beter image):

Registry cleaner?

A message keeps popping up on my computer saying "CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE – REGISTRY DAMAGED AND CORRUPTED". It says i need a registry cleaner to sort out the problem. How can I get one for free or fix the problem for free? Also; this notice has only come up ever since I connected this computer to the internet.

I have a 100% empty 120GB hard drive that I’m doing a clean install of Windows XP Pro on. It goes through the whole boot process from the CD and restarts just fine. Then, after the restart and it starts to continue the install, I get this message.

"An error has occurred that prevents Setup from continuing. One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed. A component’s file does not match the verification information present in the component manifest."

After I click OK on that dialog box, it gives me an error log with the error message in it and this is what IT says.

Error: SXS.DLL: Syntax error in manifest of policy file "J:\I386\asms00\MSFT\WINDOWS\GDIPLUS\GDIPLUS.MAN" on line 4.
Error: Installation Failed: J:\I386\asms. Error Message: A component’s file does not match the verification information present in the component manifest.

I just need to know what this means and what I can do to fix it. Any ideas?
The disk is a Windows certified disk from the company and the hard drive was completely formatted without any issues. The disk is also in mint condition as well.

What is this malware?

I don’t know why or if this got deleted before, but here it is again:

I had a user who had some type of malware, but I don’t know what it is. Now I have it on my portable drive (after using it to back up her data) and I got it on my PC after trying to run SAV on the portable. (I had to reimage both PCs to get trid of it.) But I need to clean the portable drive before I use it again.

I have run SAV, SpybotS&D, Malwarebytes, but nothing can even detect whatever this is.
The symptoms are:
User cannot open local HD. Error message is: Cannot find RECYCLER\S-8-8-24-100026533-100007783-100027606-8409.com c:\

The malware puts a false AUTORUN entry in the context (rigth click) menu. I have found this in the registry: C:\WINDOWS\system32\RunDLL32.EXE Shell32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL RECYCLER\S-8-8-24-100026533-100007783-100027606-8409.com C:\
Also it change the DNS entries from DHCP to and

There was also a process running (even in safe mode) called system the was constantly using 50% of the proc time.

The user could not open or run any apps or do a proper shut down.

I could not install Hijackthis and it probably would not have been able to run anyway due to the erratic operation of the system.

Also the OS was XP Pro SP2.

Any ideas what this is or how to get rid of it without formatting the drive?


P.S. I forgot to say that it was also periotically trying to read the floppy drive with no disk in it.