i have used my computer for 5 years and it is getting very slow. would cleaning off my hard drive help.

OK, so whenever I try to play ANY game, the game stutters or freezes every second. So it’ll run fine for 1 second, then will freeze for half a second. In essence, one third of total gameplay is the freezing or stuttering. Can somebody please help with this?

It is not online, and does not matter what game it is. I even tested it out with Runescape and it did the same thing! I can’t even play stupid online flash games. And for every game, it freezes the same amount and style as it would for any other game. My system can more than handle almost any game thrown at it, so I am thorougly confused about what is going on.

I have registry cleaned, scanned for viruses and malware, and defragmented my hard drive. Also, my processor or any other type of hardware has not overheated. What is going on?

I have an old win2000 PC and want to wipe the hard drive clean… What’s the best way? Should I just reformat the drive? I am selling it, so I want everything off…. Thanks.

Sorry guys, details will be a bit sketchy on this one, since this isn’t my computer, and my friend knows very little technical stuff about the one I’m trying to fix for them. Basically what I’m working with is that it is a Dell Inspiron 3600 desktop (Im assuming about 512 MB of memory, 1 G if we are lucky). It was shut down incorrectly and now is not able to get past the blue screen, even on safe mode and last known good config, all options fail and hit the blue screen. The only errors I can bring up are multiple 0X00000000, which, as far as I’ve ever worked with means the BIOS and CMOS is completely screwed… Now the interesting part, no new hardware or software, just shut down badly. I ran the Dell diagnostic disk and got the following, which I can’t apply a resolution for:
Block 26639166

Block 26639166
Any ideas for how to bring windows back up, (they have files they didn’t back up anywhere else that they need, so wiping the hard drive isn’t an option). Also no XP disk is available.

My disk cleanup tool for Windows XP doesn’t seem to be working. I will start it and it makes little progress, sometimes it seems like it will stall for hours until I decide to turn it off. Although I may have a huge amount off unnecessary files to be deleted, I don’t think this is normal since my hard drive is only 20 mb. Is there a way to fix this or, better still, is there a better product out there, preferably free.

Please note that I am not looking for a registry cleaner.