i need a completely free registry cleaner and fixer help oin this right away is best!!!
10 pts up for grabs for the first one that i find thats completly free no registration and no money put into it.

i also forgot to mention that since the new install the text on the screen and the screen resolution seems to be going a bit strange. Ive tried all the different settings like 800×600 and it doesnt help. maybe something to do with missing drivers?
Hey i recently came home and found that my computer wouldn’t boot up and got stuck on the screen before log in.

I refused to ask for help and pay money at PC world so after i few days i was able to get all my files from the harddrive and i did a clean install with a spare windows xp disk.

Since then ive found that i cant play games and my graphics card isnt showing up, i think the sound is messed up aswell. I used an xp disk thats not from my PC so it doesnt have the drivers and i didnt get a disk with my computer because xp was already installed

Can anybody give any suggestions on how i could get my drivers working again?


I’ve tried everything, and they all say that i need to pay money, and that they can only repair 20 items. My computer is running slower than ever now that i have so many errors on it. I have AVG anti virus and AVG anti spyware, so i know i don’t have any viruses or anything like that. I did have a Trojan Horse virus but i wiped it with AVG. But i think it may have caused plenty errors on my PC, plus a lot of other things that i’ve unknowingly did. Can somebody please help me get my PC up and running good. THANKS

I can’t spend any money at the moment and the winfixer is just at its earliest stage! I need help now b4 it’s too late

Computer fixing question.?

I’m planning to start fixing computers’ hardware and software problems. I’m not planning to make a company, just smt on my own. I’m not rich so I will not use originall software. Is that going to be illegal? I mean, i’ll not take money for the software, but for the favor.

10x in advance
What if i install downloaded OS and install trial versions software? Is that going to be illegal again?

10x again. I don’t want to mess up with the authorities…
Missed to mention – i will use the S/N from the box i’ll be required to fix.