will repairing and cleaning my registry stop my computer from system dumping??? it is really annoying. its a brand new computer with windows vista, and it worked for about 2 days. and then it starts system dumping!!!! especially when i try to play a game it dumps and restarts. anyone know how to fix it?
oh, i can’t take it into any repair thing. and i have 6 gb ram!!!!

pc specs: AMD 64 5000 black ed. 6 gig ram. 250 hdd, dvd rw drive, 9600GT nvidia graphics card, rocketfish cooling fan!
windows vista 64

Lately like over the last week I feel my computer is getting very slow has several prolems.
This is a list of some problems
1. Unable to turn off computer(fixed)
2. My CPU constantly warming up.
3. Either unable to open email or very slow (my family usee aol and i use yahoo both has this problem on this same computer we share).
4. Similar sites all of a sudden becomes very slow and some are fast.
such as yahoo.com takes a sec.mail.yahoo.com takes forever.

Is there a way to get it to move faster or is it time for me to get a new computer?

Also I have a dell desktop and has had it for 1 and a half year.
Another problem is I am trying to download a aprox 4 mb document where it is taking over 15 minutes and at most it supposively should be taking less than 3 mins normally. The internet speed i have is verizon high speed.
Sorry but I am not so good with the computer.
What is a clache, clipboard and defrag?

because my computer is so slow i mean really slow it takes us like half an hour just to find the website that we want and it freezes a lot can anyone recommend me a new computer like cox or any other type thanks i apreciate your help

I have a new computer, It’s a Flatron flat screen monitor. Whats the best way I clean it without leaving a film or harming it?

My brother built a new computer based around a new processor and motherboard, (intel Quad-core Q6600 and Asus P5E), along with a new case so it would be compatible(Antec 900). After transferring over these new parts along with the necessary older parts the computer works fine except for one problem. Everything powers on, the computer gets past BIOS and then goes to boot windows but instead he gets:

"Windows Error Recovery"
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

If windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly start up repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. if power was interrupted during startup choose start windows normally.

Launch startup repair(reccomended)
Start windows normally

Whenever he starts windows normally he gets the blue screen of death and an instant restart. If he launches repair it goes to a loading bar that completes in about 5 seconds then just sits at 100% and does nothing.
We do not have a copy of windows vista, it came installed on the computer and we never recieved an actual copy.
To Tina G

He cannot get to the actual desktop to do any of that from, windows will not launch.