I constantly get pop-ups from Winfixer 2006. They pop up even when no webpage is open. When I attempt to close them, it just pops up another screen. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I’ve tried several different pop up and spam blockers and removal programs.

Ok, so here is my problem. I was on myspace looking at a music artists’ photos, when all of a sudden, my anti virus program (Avast) pops up and tells me a whole bunch of viruses are invading my computer. After this occurrence, my internet has been really messed up.

So over the past 5 days or so, I have been virus scanning my entire computer about 10 times, and my anti virus cannot find any more viruses. I have also done anti-spyware scans and I have eliminated a bunch of spyware, too.

When I say my internet has been really messed up, I mean this: My anti virus’ script blocker and all of the other blockers are on their highest settings along with Firefox’s pop-up blocker, and I still get pop-ups, something I have almost never gotten before.

Besides this, when I try to visit websites, my Firefox error console gets riddled with error messages telling me it doesn’t recognize or can’t read a certain part of a website and it says "Declaration dropped."

Also, when I tried to install a registry clean up software, I got a message saying it wasn’t a valid Win32 application or something of that sort. I eventually got one installed, but my internet hasn’t shown any signs of improving.

By the way, when I typed in Firefox’s website to try to re-install it, the website wouldn’t load. It just wouldn’t. Also, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer aren’t any faster.

My computer can still play video games and do almost everything else that doesn’t include the internet just fine, but my internet is just so messed up.

Can someone please help me? My computer internet has never acted this way.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

I have Microsoft Antispyware running. It does not stop the Winfixer pop-ups.

I recently was experiencing a lot of pop-ups so I decided to download a different virus protection called "avast". But stupid me, I forgot to uninstall my old virus protection software(Norton) and now my computer automatically turned off the virus protection. I’m not sure what to do? Is there a way to turn it back on? Do I have to uninstall ‘avast’?

My computer is running slow and taking forever for programs to start. I am getting some pop ups now. How can I fix this? I’ve had this happen many times before. What are some free tools online that cleans up my computer?