I’ve downloaded a couple of registry cleaners of their initial trial version. Both of them said my pc had more than 300 error that need to be fixed.

I’ve looked at a few Registry cleaners and all of them just scan for errors, which I have plenty of, but don’t remove them for free. Is there any registry cleaner that will remove these errors for free.

It’s true that registry cleaners for Windows (any version) are bad and do more damage to the OS than really cleaning the registry?

having some debates on the best antivirus and registry cleaners for free online. please help.

hey most of the Registry Cleaners give you free scan and ask you to pay like 50bucks inorder to remove. I was wondering if anyone knew one that does scan and remove for free? Not a cheap a** but going to college so can’t afford to spend 50bucks on it.
oh or if you know one that is really cheap like 10bucks plz post a link for me lol
thanks guys