I am searching for some software that can repair registry errors opn my pc. I use windows XP home. I had heard of a few types of software for this such as registry mechanic but I am not sure.

I have already done everything else I can think of to free up disk space: Removed some programs; ran ccleaner; did disk defrag; cleaned up registry errors. If anyone has any other suggestions-I would very much appreciate it. I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium.
O.K. I get it it. I guess it’s time to buy an external hard drive. Thanx to those who answered.

HEYY people i operate on vista 64 bit regular movie maker works but the 2.6 version does not support that plugin and pretty much no other ones from the internet. soo i tried to get adobe premier for vista its to confusing for me on vista. i cant download xp on this computer neither i forgot why but thats not an option. I can not do a system restore because there is no time when this worked and i have already tried to restore it didnt work. I have tried free registry errors they dont fix my movie maker 2.6 problem!!! plz dont give mme another one because im not paying for any registry cleaner that might not even work so dont write that as an answer. idk how to get movie maker 2.6 to work plz help plz!!! either that or can someone help me find a program with awesoe effects and transitions and a split screen effect to put 2 different movies on the same screen. I dont care if its a torrent or a program but u have to understand i cant buy ANYTHING. please help me.

How to clean up my computer?

I did i free scan from several site and i can not pay for none of the sites to fix my problems can anyone give me some free sites to fix my computer problems below
Registry errors, missing windows shortcuts errors, missing shared files errors, missing application path errors, missing font errors, missing help files errors, and invalid file extensions

If anyone can help it would be great but it must be free

i need to know what website that i can get on to clean my registry errors on my pc…a website that is free with no trial fees or memebership fees….absolutely "FREE" also can you please tell me what website i can go to remove spyware/melware on my pc….free and no trail fees….please dont give me short answers if your gonna answer my question please answer in full detail and step by step…"im not good at this stuff" thanks soooo much…..