I need to completly clean everything on my computer, making it as though it is brand new. I have no Windows CD, so is there any way I can still do this? Thanks in advance.

There are 4 options in ccleaner window
please describe little which option and where should i go to clean only registry files of uninstalled softwares. i dont want to clean any window or system file…just registry of uninstalled softwares. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance
Hello Rahul the link u gave me is not opening would you please send it to simposium@hotmail.com
And thankx every one for answering

Scan driver program? anyone?

hello, am wondering if there is a free and safe program out there that can scan my computer and see the outdated drivers and update them? Any of you guys know?

Thanks in advance

My windows partition on my macbook pro was playing up (unexpected restarts, blue screen of death then a restart, stuff like that) i tried using a file registry cleaner and it found problems with my registry every 5 minutes.This certainly wasnt due to a virus because i had antivirus software (AVG) and the only sites i went on were ones to get software such as skype and itunes. So i reinstalled windows, reinstalled all the games and all the software, just one day after the reinstall it gave me the blue screen of death again, any ideas? because im entirely out of them. 🙁

P.S. ive also tried to repair this disk both with the mac ‘Disk utility’ and after restarts windows starts a disk repair thing too, neither seem to have had any impact.
Thanks in advance any help is appreciated.

6400 Laptop, i have done a virus scan and found nothing, i would really appreciate help from some kind people.
Thanks in Advance.