I just purchased Amazing Box Max and it says to disable your virus software before installing this program. It is an embroidery program. I need to know how to temperarily disable my virus protection.

i don’t have enough money to get virus protection and all that for my computer..so is there anything that you would recommend that is free? and that won’t put any viruses on my computer? because theres a really bad worm going around, and if i don’t do something i’ll get it..thanks!

Our computer is already protected by Webroot Antivirus, but a window keeps popping up at random times from windows saying if we want to block certain viruses that have been found on our computer and if we want to enable protection, but I am not sure if enabling the protection is safe. Also, windows security alerts wants us to download a virus protection, is it safe and genuine, or is it a virus within itself? (if not, will it affect Webroot Antivirus?)

I’m getting a laptop with Windows 7 for Christmas. I’m thinking about what virus protection I should get on it. Right now on my desktop PC with Windows XP I have 6 virus protection softwares. Avast Antivirus, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Doctor, SUPERAntiSpyware, and Mircrosoft Security Essentials. I really don’t want that many on my new laptop. What would you suggest?

What is the best virus protection for a PC?
Trying to figure out what to install on my computer. What’s best? McAfee? Norton? Others?