i don’t have enough money to get virus protection and all that for my computer..so is there anything that you would recommend that is free? and that won’t put any viruses on my computer? because theres a really bad worm going around, and if i don’t do something i’ll get it..thanks!

I have a ton of viruses on my xp but I can’t get rid of them….please help

It takes me where you type a user name; But right after I click on it, it takes right to the same place (the user name). This happens right after i was trying to get rid of some viruses.

I clean up the registry and run anti-virus program to get rid of the virus, but now, i have this problem. Probably is a boot file that is missing, but do do i know which it is?

And then, how do i log in and install it – It wont let me log in.

OK, so whenever I try to play ANY game, the game stutters or freezes every second. So it’ll run fine for 1 second, then will freeze for half a second. In essence, one third of total gameplay is the freezing or stuttering. Can somebody please help with this?

It is not online, and does not matter what game it is. I even tested it out with Runescape and it did the same thing! I can’t even play stupid online flash games. And for every game, it freezes the same amount and style as it would for any other game. My system can more than handle almost any game thrown at it, so I am thorougly confused about what is going on.

I have registry cleaned, scanned for viruses and malware, and defragmented my hard drive. Also, my processor or any other type of hardware has not overheated. What is going on?

Our computer is already protected by Webroot Antivirus, but a window keeps popping up at random times from windows saying if we want to block certain viruses that have been found on our computer and if we want to enable protection, but I am not sure if enabling the protection is safe. Also, windows security alerts wants us to download a virus protection, is it safe and genuine, or is it a virus within itself? (if not, will it affect Webroot Antivirus?)