The Asus n81vg notebook came with vista preinstalled. I want to remove Vista and install a new version of windows xp home edition. This is a new product full version purchased for this purpose. Thank you

I am searching for some software that can repair registry errors opn my pc. I use windows XP home. I had heard of a few types of software for this such as registry mechanic but I am not sure.

I am facing a similar problem on my Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

The thumbails for all types of pictures are generating, but not for any videos including .wmv .avi .mpg. I don’t know since when this is happening, I observed this recently.

I was using Windows Media Player 11, KMPlayer v2.9.4, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v5, Format Factory v2, Nero Vision (Nero 8). I had uninstalled these softwares and then reinstalled them one by one as I was testing thumbnails between every installation, but even though nothing worked out.

I tried to correct it by going to Windows Explorer’s Folder Options and the restoring the defaults and applying it to all folders. I cleaned my tracks, junk files, registry issues using Ccleaner & Wise Registry Cleaner. But nothing really worked out.

Please Help !!!

It doesn’t say what year it is when the program starts up. Is there any way to find out? Sorry, Im not so good with computers. Im trying to wipe my computer clean by reinstalling Windows XP home Edition and found an installation disk at work. But when I tried to install it it told me it was an older format and wouldn’t let me install.