Very much at my wits end here. This noise is driving me bonkers.

I have restarted, closed every program, run virus checks, trojan checks, malware, spyware checks, cleaned my registry, restarted, haven’t added any new hardware or software and I still cannot figure out where this noise is coming from. If the speakers are off, simple – no noise. The time in between the sound varies, sometimes it’s 2 seconds and other times it can be 10 minutes. It sounds like a CHING, cash register or photo snap noise. Happens even when I have nothing open and just there @ the desktop. I know I’m not back doored so nobody has my webcam open and is snapping photos or anything like that. Anybody have any clue as to what this annoying god awful noise is? I can’t listen to anything (videos, music, etc) because the noise adds itself right in there just to bug the crap out of me! There is no noise @ startup, & yahoo, aim or any other messenger is not open and the noise still goes on. HELP!
No screensaver running and it does it all the time no matter what is open or closed, program wise. i have run every anti spyware program out there well …almost and i have no clue where this noise comes from. Was hoping someone else had this happen and could give me an answer.

Lately like over the last week I feel my computer is getting very slow has several prolems.
This is a list of some problems
1. Unable to turn off computer(fixed)
2. My CPU constantly warming up.
3. Either unable to open email or very slow (my family usee aol and i use yahoo both has this problem on this same computer we share).
4. Similar sites all of a sudden becomes very slow and some are fast.
such as takes a takes forever.

Is there a way to get it to move faster or is it time for me to get a new computer?

Also I have a dell desktop and has had it for 1 and a half year.
Another problem is I am trying to download a aprox 4 mb document where it is taking over 15 minutes and at most it supposively should be taking less than 3 mins normally. The internet speed i have is verizon high speed.
Sorry but I am not so good with the computer.
What is a clache, clipboard and defrag?

Internet help?

My laptop has trouble with the internet. When I first start the computer, the internet works great. I use internet explorer. I would like to use yahoo browser but somehow, I can’t download it. I have a CD but it’s corrupted. I tried downloading it from the Yahoo Software website, but it didn’t work. Anyways, if I hibernate my computer, and I use it again, the internet explorer won’t work.
It says:
The address is not valid. For every website, it says that. This problem occurs over and over. Please help me!!!
I tried to use the Windows connection diagnostic but it says
There might be a problem with one or more network adapters on this computer.
Then there’s three options:
briefly: turn on wireless capability – I use a DSL Modem – AT&T
automatically get new IP settings for the network adapter "Local Area Connection" – tried this numerous times doesn’t work
and: a problem with your network router or broadband modem might be preventing an internet connection
Please help!!!
My computer is 3 weeks old. How do I reinstall the adapters? I don’t even know what a network adapter is. Before I used to use the battery but now I charge it whenever I use it. One more thing, recently, like this week, I’m in the middle of browsing the internet, and it tells me my internet proxy server can’t be found or something similar. I’m so confused.


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