Has anybody here used a registry cleaner called RegInOut ? On the internet, it is mooted as being one of the best. There are so many of these registry cleaners and each is supposed to be THE best. And yet when you Google the product, all sorts of very conflicting reports surface, confusing someone of my computer knowledge (or rather lack of it), even more. I keep on hearing the name CC Cleaner : I know it is free, but is it good ? Free does not equate to efficient and/or safe. My long-winded question is : which registry cleaners (if any) do people here on Yahoo Answers use ? And what, may I ask, is your experience and honest unbiased assessment of these softwares you entrust your computers with ? In past, I have always received very good advice from Yahoo Answers — and hence, I am back for (hopefully) more of the same. I thank you all in anticipation.

Take care

PS During product (re)search on Google, I was pleasantly surprised to read somewhere that RegInOut originates in Rawalpindi, Pakistan : is this true ? This is something quite new to me. But then again, as I said earlier, I am not the most computer-savvy person you are going to encounter anytime soon.

If I do a search on Yahoo and click on the link it redirects me to some crap. How can I get rid of this? What is the BEST software for dealing with this type of nuisance?

I type an entire sentence befor I see it when I am using my yahoo mail. When I look in my "add or remove programs" I see about 20 updates for Windows XP could this be part of the problem there are a couple updates per month… Other with what?
Thats- otherwise what?

Explorer’ it starts to open my Yahoo homepage but stops before the page has loaded completely, then It says internet explorer has encontered and error and needs to close. I have tried everything including virus scan, registry cleaner, deleted history, etc, etc. Antone have any suggestions? (besides take the computer out back and shoot the dang thing)
I did system restore, and installed IE7, and that didn’t help.

Somehow or other, I downloaded something called PC Registry Cleaner onto my computer, to fix a problem. Of course, they said it was "free" so I’m a sucker, and now they want my credit card number before they will exit from my computer. It shows up every time I go to my Yahoo page and it is really ticking me off! If I give them my credit card number (they want security code, too) how do I know I won’t be ripped off? Buyer beware! (Who can I report this VERY unethical behavior to, and get quick results?)